Adult Fitness

Pilates, aerobics, body conditioning and dance!!! Unlimited classes per month for one price!!

We have classes for adults of all ages, beginner or advanced so you can socialise, have fun, stay healthy and help keep your bones, muscles and mind strong!


Dance 18:30-19:00

Areobics 19:00-19:30

Body Conditioning 19:30-20:00

Pilates 20:00-20:30

Lye Community Centre, Stourbridge.


A different style every week, from ballet to ballroom, hip hop to the lindy bop, there’s a style for everyone!!


Aerobics with a twist! It’s party time!!!! Upbeat music from the 70’s to today’s chart music, a party through time! Aerobics exercises but with a party feel will make sure you have an amazing time whilst exersising!

Body conditioning

Bring a mat, and feel the burn! We will power through together with an upbeat variety of music and lots of laughs!! With different strength levels in one class, everyone will walk away feeling stronger than when they walked in!

Pilates Power

Now time to relax and strengthen you from the inside out. Learn how breathing exercises can help you sleep and help you strengthen your muscles. Concentration is key, and your mind will become stronger as you go through the lessons.